For Thinkpad X1 Carbon 4th Gen (Type 20FB, 20FC) parts list

Posted by jack jiang on 10th Jun 2019


00HM611 1 45W,20VDC,3P,WW,DEL

00HM612 1 45W,20VDC,2P,WW,DEL

00HM613 1 45W,20VDC,3P,WW,LTN

00HM614 1 45W,20VDC,2P,WW,LTN

00HM615 1 45W,20VDC,3P,WW,CHY

00HM616 1 45W,20VDC,2P,WW,CHY

00HM624 1 45W,20VDC,3P,WW,ACB

00HM625 1 45W,20VDC,2P,WW,ACB

01FR035 1 ADLX45DLC3A 20V2.25A COO

45N0254 1 65W,20VDC,3P,WW,DEL

45N0328 1 65W,20VDC,2P,BR,,LTN

45N0334 1 65W,20VDC,3P,BR,DEL

45N0336 1 65W,20VDC,3P,BR,,LTN

45N0358 1 slim,65W,20VDC,2P,WW,DEL

45N0478 1 65W,20VDC,2P,WW,LTN

45N0480 1 65W,20VDC,2P,WW,CHY

45N0489 1 slim,65W,20VDC,2P,WW,LTN

45N0495 1 65W,20VDC,3P,WW,LTN

45N0497 1 65W,20VDC,3P,WW,CHY

45N0256 1 65W,20VDC,2P,WW,DEL


00JT839 N ANT Kit,WLAN,JiengTai,C/S



00HN933 N RTC,1C,3V,LION,CR1620

00HW028 N Internal,4c,52Wh,LiIon,LGC

00HW029 N Internal,4c,52Wh,LiIon,SMP

01AV438 N Internal,4c,52Wh,LiIon,LGC

01AV439 N Internal,4c,52Wh,LiIon,SMP

01AV444 N Internal,4c,52Wh,LiIon,SMP

01AV457 N Internal,4c,56Wh,LiIon,LGC

01AV458 N Internal,4c,56Wh,LiIon,SMP

01AX800 N WIN,i5-6200U,4G,TPM

01AX801 N WIN,i5-6200U,8G,TPM

01AX802 N WIN,i7-6500U,8G,TPM

01AX803 N WIN,i5-6200U,4G

01AX804 N WIN,i5-6200U,8G

01AX805 N WIN,i7-6500U,8G

01AX806 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT,TPM

01AX807 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

X1 Carbon Yoga FRU BOM; MT: 20FB, 20FC





01AX808 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

01AX809 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro16G,AMT,TPM

01AX810 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT

01AX811 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,8G,AMT

01AX812 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro,8GB,AMT

01AX813 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro,16G,AMT

01AX814 N NOK,i5-6200U,4G,TPM

01AX815 N NOK,i5-6200U,8G,TPM

01AX816 N NOK,i7-6500U,8G,TPM

01AX817 N NOK,i5-6200U,4G

01AX818 N NOK,i5-6200U,8G

01AX819 N NOK,i7-6500U,8G

01AX820 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT,TPM

01AX821 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

01AX822 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

01AX823 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro16G,AMT,TPM

01AX824 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT

01AX825 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,8g,AMT

01AX826 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro,8G,AMT

01AX827 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro,16G,AMT

01AX832 N WIN,i5-6200U,4G,TPM2

01AX833 N WIN,i5-6200U,8G,TPM2

01AX834 N WIN,i7-6500U,8G,TPM2

01AX835 N WIN,i5-6300U,4G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

01AX836 N WIN,i5-6300U,8G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

01AX837 N WIN,i7-6600U,8G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

01AX838 N WIN,i7-6600U,16G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

01LV893 N WIN,i5-6200U,4G,TPM

01LV894 N WIN,i5-6200U,4G

01LV895 N NOK,i5-6200U,4G,TPM

01LV896 N NOK,i5-6200U,4G

01LV897 N WIN,i5-6200U,4G,TPM2

01LV898 N WIN,i5-6200U,8G,TPM

01LV899 N WIN,i5-6200U,8G

01LV900 N NOK,i5-6200U,8G,TPM

01LV901 N NOK,i5-6200U,8G

01LV902 N WIN,i5-6200U,8G,TPM2

01LV903 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT,TPM

01LV904 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT

01LV905 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT,TPM

01LV906 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,4G,AMT

01LV907 N WIN,i5-6300U,4G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

01LV908 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

01LV909 N WIN,i5-6300U,vPro,8G,AMT

01LV910 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

01LV911 N NOK,i5-6300U,vPro,8g,AMT

01LV912 N WIN,i5-6300U,8G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

01LV913 N WIN,i7-6500U,8G,TPM

01LV914 N WIN,i7-6500U,8G

01LV915 N NOK,i7-6500U,8G,TPM

01LV916 N NOK,i7-6500U,8G

01LV917 N WIN,i7-6500U,8G,TPM2

01LV918 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

01LV919 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro,8GB,AMT

01LV920 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro,8G,AMT,TPM

01LV921 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro,8G,AMT

01LV922 N WIN,i7-6600U,8G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

01LV923 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro16G,AMT,TPM

01LV924 N WIN,i7-6600U,vPro,16G,AMT

01LV925 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro16G,AMT,TPM

01LV926 N NOK,i7-6600U,vPro,16G,AMT

01LV927 N WIN,i7-6600U,16G,AMT,TPM2,vPRO

00JT846 N LCD Bezel,C/S

01AW971 N FPR,bracket




01AW954 N WiGig cabel,Hirose

01AW966 N OneLink+Ethernet,adapter,CBL

03X6574 N FRU for HDMI to VGA dongle

03X6865 N FRU for miniDP to VGA

03X7014 N FRU for OneLink+to VGA/RJ45 ADP

03X7188 N FRU for miniDP to DP cable

03X7384 1 FRU-HDMI to VGA

00HN335 N Camera,720P,Front,MIC,ZIF,Chy

00HN336 N Camera,720P,Front,MIC,ZIF,Ltn

00HN383 N Camera,720P,Front,MIC,ZIF,Chy

00JT817 N Sensor Subcard(Clamshell)

00JT819 N Button Subcard(Clamshell)

01AW988 N Rear Cover,w/WWAN noise soln

01AW990 1 SIM/SD,door

01AW992 N Rear Cover,w/Cu sheet

01AW996 1 Base Cover,w/rubber foot

00HN874 N AUO 14.0 FHD IPS AG

00HN877 N LGD 14.0 WQHD IPS AG

00HN878 N Panasonic 14.0 WQHD IPS AG

00NY411 N LGD 14.0 FHD IPS AG








00NY669 N LGD 14.0 FHD IPS AG

03X6298 1 FRU for ThinkPad WiGig Dock

03X6299 1 FRU for ThinkPad WiGig dock CN

00JT800 N CPU heatsink,w/fan,FRK

01AW976 N CPU heatshink,w/fan,Delta

01AW982 N Hinge L/R,SLV,w/plastic,AVC

01AW983 N Hinge,L/R,SLV,w/Plastic,JAR

00HM690 1 US/CA,1M,2P,LH,LGW

00HM691 1 EU,1M,3P,LH,LGW

00HM692 1 GB,1M,3P,LH,VLX

04T0752 1 JP,AntiTR,0.9M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

04T0753 1 JP,AntiTR,0.9M,2P,NON-LH,LUX

04T0754 1 TH,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

04T0755 1 TH,1M,2P,NON-LH,LUX

42T5004 1 US/CA,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5008 1 US/CA,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5020 1 AR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5029 1 EU,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5032 1 EU,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5035 1 GB,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5038 1 GB,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5041 1 DK,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5044 1 CH,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5047 1 IT,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5050 1 AU,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5053 1 AU,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5056 1 ZA,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5062 1 IL,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5065 1 CN,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5068 1 CN,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5071 1 TW,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5074 1 TW,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5077 1 KR,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5080 1 KR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5083 1 IN,1M,3P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5086 1 IN,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5089 1 US/CA,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5093 1 US/CA,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5105 1 AR,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5114 1 EU,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5117 1 EU,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5120 1 GB,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5123 1 GB,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX





42T5126 1 DK,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5129 1 CH,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5132 1 IT,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5135 1 AU,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5138 1 AU,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5141 1 ZA,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5147 1 IL,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5150 1 CN,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5153 1 CN,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5156 1 TW,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5159 1 TW,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5162 1 KR,1M,3P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5165 1 KR,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

42T5180 1 BR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LGW

42T5183 1 BR,1M,2P,NON-LH,VLX

45N0129 1 US/CA,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0130 1 US/CA,1M,2P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0131 1 CN,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0377 1 CN,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0379 1 DK,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0380 1 CH,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0382 1 IL,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0383 1 US/CA,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0384 1 GB,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0385 1 IN,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0386 1 IT,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0387 1 KR,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0388 1 AU,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0389 1 TW,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0391 1 ZA,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0392 1 EU,1M,3P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0393 1 CN,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0394 1 AR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0397 1 BR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0399 1 US/CA,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0400 1 GB,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0401 1 IN,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0403 1 KR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0404 1 AU,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0405 1 TW,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0408 1 EU,1M,2P,NON-LH,LTK

45N0410 1 DK,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0411 1 CH,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0413 1 IL,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0414 1 GB,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0415 1 IN,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0416 1 IT,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0417 1 KR,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0418 1 AU,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0419 1 TW,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0421 1 ZA,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0422 1 EU,1M,3P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0423 1 AR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0426 1 BR,1M,2P,NON-LH,LUX

45N0436 1 EU,1M,2P,NON-LH,LUX

01AV154 N KBD,US,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV155 N KBD,CFR,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV156 N KBD,CFB,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV157 N KBD,ARA,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV158 N KBD,BE,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV159 N KBD,CZ,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV160 N KBD,DK,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV161 N KBD,ES,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV162 N KBD,FR,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV163 N KBD,DE,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV164 N KBD,GR,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV165 N KBD,HU,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV166 N KBD,IL,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV167 N KBD,IT,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV168 N KBD,NL,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV169 N KBD,NO,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV170 N KBD,PL,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV171 N KBD,RU,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV172 N KBD,SK,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV173 N KBD,SI,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV174 N KBD,SE,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV175 N KBD,CH,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV176 N KBD,TR,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV177 N KBD,GB,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV178 N KBD,USI,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV179 N KBD,IS,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV180 N KBD,BG,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV181 N KBD,JP,Bezel JP,screw,CHY

01AV182 N KBD,TW,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV183 N KBD,TH,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV184 N KBD,KR,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV185 N KBD,IN,Bezel,US,screw,CHY

01AV186 N KBD,LAS,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV187 N KBD,BR,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV188 N KBD,CFA,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV189 N KBD,KZ,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV190 N KBD,TUF,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AV191 N KBD,EE,Bezel UK,screw,CHY


01AV192 N KBD,LT,Bezel US,screw,CHY

01AV193 N KBD,US,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV194 N KBD,CFR,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV195 N KBD,CFB,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV196 N KBD,ARA,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV197 N KBD,BE,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV198 N KBD,CZ,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV199 N KBD,DK,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV200 N KBD,ES,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV201 N KBD,FR,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV202 N KBD,DE,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV203 N KBD,GR,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV204 N KBD,HU,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV205 N KBD,IL,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV206 N KBD,IT,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV207 N KBD,NL,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV208 N KBD,NO,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV209 N KBD,PL,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV210 N KBD,RU,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV211 N KBD,SK,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV212 N KBD,SI,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV213 N KBD,SE,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV214 N KBD,CH,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV215 N KBD,TR,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV216 N KBD,GB,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV217 N KBD,USI,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV218 N KBD,IS,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV219 N KBD,BG,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV220 N KBD,JP,Bezel JP,screw,DFN

01AV221 N KBD,TW,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV222 N KBD,TH,Bezel US,screw,FDN

01AV223 N KBD,KR,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV224 N KBD,IN,Bezel,US,screw,DFN

01AV225 N KBD,LAS,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV226 N KBD,BR,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV227 N KBD,CFA,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV228 N KBD,KZ,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AV229 N KBD,TUF,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV230 N KBD,EE,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

01AV231 N KBD,LT,Bezel US,screw,DFN

01AW974 N KBD,PNR,Bezel UK,screw,CHY

01AW975 N KBD,PNR,Bezel UK,screw,DFN

00JT862 N ClickPad,Bracket,sponge,tape

01AW959 1 MECHANICAL,Screw kit

01AW963 N BASE,Misc kit

01AW965 N Planar,Misc kit


01AW969 N FPR,Card,Dreamtech

01AW970 N FPR,Card,JYT

01AW986 N LCD,Misc kit

01AW994 N ClickPad,PCBA,glass,Bracket

00UX839 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 AR/EN

00UX840 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 BR

00UX841 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 CS

00UX842 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 CT/EN

00UX843 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 CZ/EN

00UX844 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 FR

00UX845 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 GK/EN

00UX846 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 GR

00UX847 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 HB/EN

00UX848 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 HK/EN

00UX849 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 HU/EN

00UX850 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 JP

00UX851 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 KR/EN

00UX852 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 PL

00UX853 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 PO/EN

00UX854 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 RO/EN

00UX855 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 RU

00UX856 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 SK/EN

00UX857 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 SP

00UX858 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 SR/EN

00UX859 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 TR/EN

00UX860 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 US

00UX861 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L EMEA

00UX862 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L Nordic

00UX863 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L SL/CR/

00UX864 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 CS

00UX865 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 FR

00UX866 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 GR

00UX867 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 HK/EN

00UX868 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 JP

00UX869 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 SP

00UX870 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 US

00UX871 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 C&L EMEA

00UX872 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 C&L Nordic

00XE082 1 FAP Win7HBx64 SP1 CS

00XE375 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 C&L HK/CS/

00XE376 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L HK/CS/

00XE747 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 AR/EN

00XE748 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 BR

00XE749 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 CS

00XE750 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 CT/EN

00XE751 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 CZ/EN


00XE752 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 FR

00XE753 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 GK/EN

00XE754 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 GR

00XE755 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 HB/EN

00XE757 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 HU/EN

00XE758 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 JP

00XE759 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 KR/EN

00XE760 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 PL

00XE761 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 PO/EN

00XE762 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 RO/EN

00XE763 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 RU

00XE764 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 SK/EN

00XE765 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 SP

00XE766 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 SR/EN

00XE767 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 TR/EN

00XE768 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 US

00XE769 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L EMEA

00XE770 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L Nordic

00XE771 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L SL/CR/

00XE772 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 CS

00XE773 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 FR

00XE774 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 GR

00XE776 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 JP

00XE777 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 SP

00XE778 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 US

00XE779 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 C&L EMEA

00XE780 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 C&L Nordic

00XE781 1 FAP Win7HBx64 SP1 CS

00XE782 1 FAP Win7PROx32 SP1 C&L HK/CS/

00XE783 1 FAP Win7PROx64 SP1 C&L HK/CS/

01CT038 1 FAP Win10HomeCNx64 RUSB CS

01CT039 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB AR/EN

01CT040 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB BR

01CT041 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB FR

01CT042 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB PO/EN

01CT043 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB RU

01CT044 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB SP

01CT045 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB SR/EN

01CT046 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB TR/EN

01CT047 1 FAP Win10HomeSLx64 RUSB US

01CT048 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB AR/EN

01CT049 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB CT/EN

01CT050 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB CZ/EN

01CT051 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB FR

01CT052 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB GK/EN

01CT053 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB GR

01CT054 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB HB/EN

01CT055 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB HK/EN

01CT056 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB HU/EN

01CT057 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB JP

01CT058 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB KR/EN

01CT059 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB PL

01CT060 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB PO/EN

01CT061 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB RO/EN

01CT062 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB SK/EN

01CT063 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB SP

01CT064 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB US

01CT065 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB C&L EM

01CT066 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB C&L Nor

01CT067 1 FAP Win10Homex64 RUSB C&L SL/

01CT068 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB AR/EN

01CT069 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB BR

01CT070 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB CS

01CT071 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB CT/EN

01CT072 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB CZ/EN

01CT073 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB FR

01CT074 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB GK/EN

01CT075 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB GR

01CT076 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB HB/EN

01CT077 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB HK/EN

01CT078 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB HU/EN

01CT079 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB JP

01CT080 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB KR/EN

01CT081 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB PL

01CT082 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB PO/EN

01CT083 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB RO/EN

01CT084 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB RU

01CT085 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB SK/EN

01CT086 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB SP

01CT087 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB SR/EN

01CT088 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB TR/EN

01CT089 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB US

01CT090 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB C&L EME

01CT091 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB C&L Nord

01CT092 1 FAP Win10PROx64 RUSB C&L SL/C

01DP001 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CS

01DP002 1 Win10PROx64 Modular JP

01DP003 1 Win10PROx64 Modular US

01DP004 1 Win10Homex64 Modular JP

01DP005 1 Win10Homex64 Modular US

01DP006 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular US

01DP007 1 Win10HomeCNx64 Modular CS

01DP064 1 Win10PROx64 Modular AR/EN

01DP065 1 Win10PROx64 Modular BR

01DP066 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CT/EN

01DP067 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CZ/EN

01DP068 1 Win10PROx64 Modular FR

01DP069 1 Win10PROx64 Modular GK/EN

01DP070 1 Win10PROx64 Modular GR

01DP071 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HB/EN

01DP072 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HK/EN

01DP073 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HU/EN

01DP074 1 Win10PROx64 Modular KR/EN

01DP075 1 Win10PROx64 Modular PL

01DP076 1 Win10PROx64 Modular PO/EN

01DP077 1 Win10PROx64 Modular RO/EN

01DP078 1 Win10PROx64 Modular RU

01DP079 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SK/EN

01DP080 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SP

01DP081 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SR/EN

01DP082 1 Win10PROx64 Modular TR/EN

01DP083 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L EMEA

01DP084 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L Nordi

01DP085 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L SL/CR

01DP086 1 Win10Homex64 Modular AR/EN

01DP087 1 Win10Homex64 Modular CT/EN

01DP088 1 Win10Homex64 Modular CZ/EN

01DP089 1 Win10Homex64 Modular FR

01DP090 1 Win10Homex64 Modular GK/EN

01DP091 1 Win10Homex64 Modular GR

01DP092 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HB/EN

01DP093 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HK/EN

01DP094 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HU/EN

01DP095 1 Win10Homex64 Modular KR/EN

01DP096 1 Win10Homex64 Modular PL

01DP097 1 Win10Homex64 Modular PO/EN

01DP098 1 Win10Homex64 Modular RO/EN

01DP099 1 Win10Homex64 Modular SK/EN

01DP100 1 Win10Homex64 Modular SP

01DP101 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L EME

01DP102 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L Nord

01DP103 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L SL/C

01DP104 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular AR/EN

01DP105 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular BR

01DP106 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular FR

01DP107 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular PO/EN

01DP108 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular RU

01DP109 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular SP

01DP110 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular SR/EN

01DP111 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular TR/EN

01DP115 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L HK/C

01DP116 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L HK/CS

01FX654 1 Win10PROx64 Modular AR/EN

01FX655 1 Win10PROx64 Modular BR

01FX656 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CS

01FX657 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CT/EN

01FX658 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CZ/EN

01FX659 1 Win10PROx64 Modular FR

01FX660 1 Win10PROx64 Modular GK/EN

01FX661 1 Win10PROx64 Modular GR

01FX662 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HB/EN

01FX663 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HK/EN

01FX664 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HU/EN

01FX665 1 Win10PROx64 Modular JP

01FX666 1 Win10PROx64 Modular KR/EN

01FX667 1 Win10PROx64 Modular PL

01FX668 1 Win10PROx64 Modular PO/EN

01FX669 1 Win10PROx64 Modular RO/EN

01FX670 1 Win10PROx64 Modular RU

01FX671 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SK/EN

01FX672 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SP

01FX673 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SR/EN

01FX674 1 Win10PROx64 Modular TR/EN

01FX675 1 Win10PROx64 Modular US

01FX676 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L EMEA

01FX677 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L Nordi

01FX678 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L SL/CR

01FX679 1 Win10Homex64 Modular AR/EN

01FX680 1 Win10Homex64 Modular CT/EN

01FX681 1 Win10Homex64 Modular CZ/EN

01FX682 1 Win10Homex64 Modular FR

01FX683 1 Win10Homex64 Modular GK/EN

01FX684 1 Win10Homex64 Modular GR

01FX685 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HB/EN

01FX686 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HK/EN

01FX687 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HU/EN

01FX688 1 Win10Homex64 Modular JP

01FX689 1 Win10Homex64 Modular KR/EN

01FX690 1 Win10Homex64 Modular PL

01FX691 1 Win10Homex64 Modular PO/EN

01FX692 1 Win10Homex64 Modular RO/EN

01FX693 1 Win10Homex64 Modular SK/EN

01FX694 1 Win10Homex64 Modular SP

01FX695 1 Win10Homex64 Modular US

01FX696 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L EME

01FX697 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L Nord

01FX698 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L SL/C

01FX699 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular AR/EN

01FX700 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular BR

01FX701 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular FR

01FX702 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular PO/EN

01FX703 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular RU

01FX704 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular SP

01FX705 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular SR/EN

01FX706 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular TR/EN

01FX707 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular US

01FX708 1 Win10HomeCNx64 Modular CS

01FX709 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L HK/C

01FX710 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L HK/CS

01FX832 1 Win10PROx64 Modular AR/EN

01FX833 1 Win10PROx64 Modular BR

01FX834 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CS

01FX835 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CT/EN

01FX836 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CZ/EN

01FX837 1 Win10PROx64 Modular FR

01FX838 1 Win10PROx64 Modular GK/EN

01FX839 1 Win10PROx64 Modular GR

01FX840 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HB/EN

01FX842 1 Win10PROx64 Modular HU/EN

01FX843 1 Win10PROx64 Modular JP

01FX844 1 Win10PROx64 Modular KR/EN

01FX845 1 Win10PROx64 Modular PL

01FX846 1 Win10PROx64 Modular PO/EN

01FX847 1 Win10PROx64 Modular RO/EN

01FX848 1 Win10PROx64 Modular RU

01FX849 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SK/EN

01FX850 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SP

01FX851 1 Win10PROx64 Modular SR/EN

01FX852 1 Win10PROx64 Modular TR/EN

01FX853 1 Win10PROx64 Modular US

01FX854 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L EMEA

01FX855 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L Nordi

01FX856 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L SL/CR

01FX857 1 Win10Homex64 Modular AR/EN

01FX858 1 Win10Homex64 Modular CT/EN

01FX859 1 Win10Homex64 Modular CZ/EN

01FX860 1 Win10Homex64 Modular FR

01FX861 1 Win10Homex64 Modular GK/EN

01FX862 1 Win10Homex64 Modular GR

01FX863 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HB/EN

01FX865 1 Win10Homex64 Modular HU/EN

01FX866 1 Win10Homex64 Modular JP

01FX867 1 Win10Homex64 Modular KR/EN

01FX868 1 Win10Homex64 Modular PL

01FX869 1 Win10Homex64 Modular PO/EN

01FX870 1 Win10Homex64 Modular RO/EN

01FX871 1 Win10Homex64 Modular SK/EN

01FX872 1 Win10Homex64 Modular SP

01FX873 1 Win10Homex64 Modular US

01FX874 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L EME

01FX875 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L Nord

01FX876 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L SL/C

01FX877 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular AR/EN

01FX878 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular BR

01FX879 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular FR

01FX880 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular PO/EN

01FX881 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular RU

01FX882 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular SP

01FX883 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular SR/EN

01FX884 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular TR/EN

01FX885 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular US

01FX886 1 Win10HomeCNx64 Modular CS

01FX887 1 Win10Homex64 Modular C&L HK/C

01FX888 1 Win10PROx64 Modular C&L HK/CS

01HU439 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CS

01HU445 1 Win10HomeCNx64 Modular CS

01HU494 1 Win10PROx64 Modular CS

01HU495 1 Win10PROx64 Modular JP

01HU496 1 Win10PROx64 Modular US

01HU497 1 Win10Homex64 Modular JP

01HU498 1 Win10Homex64 Modular US

01HU499 1 Win10HomeSLx64 Modular US

01HU500 1 Win10HomeCNx64 Modular CS

00JT835 2 Speaker ASM,L/R

00JT009 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAMSG,OPAL

00JT010 1 512G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAMSG,STD

00JT021 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,LTON,OPAL

00JT028 1 180G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,INTEL,OPAL

00JT029 1 240G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,INTEL,OPAL

00JT037 1 256G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAMSG,OPAL

00JT050 1 256G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,TOS,OPAL

00JT051 1 512G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,TOS,STD

00JT058 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SDISK,OPAL

00JT059 1 512G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SDISK,STD

00JT074 1 512G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAMSG,STD

00JT077 1 128G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAMSG,STD

00JT078 1 192G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAMSG,STD

00JT088 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,LTON,OPAL

00UP414 1 1024G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAMSG,STD

00UP415 1 512G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAMSG,OPAL



00UP420 1 128G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAMSG,STD

00UP421 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAMSG,OPAL

00UP426 1 180G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,INTEL,OPAL

00UP427 1 240G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,INTEL,OPAL

00UP439 1 256G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAMSG,OPAL

00UP440 1 512G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,SAMSG,OPAL

00UP451 1 256G,M.2 2280 ,SATA6G,LION,OPAL

00UP456 1 256G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,LNV,OPAL

00UP457 1 512G,M.2,2280,PCIe3x4,LNV,OPAL

00UP458 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,INTEL,OPAL

00UP469 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SAM,OPAL

00UP479 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,INTEL,OPAL

00UP618 1 128G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SDISK,STD

00UP619 1 256G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SDISK,OPAL

00UP620 1 512G,M.2,2280,SATA6G,SDISK,OPAL

00UP805 1 128G,M.2 2280 ,SATA6G,LION,STD

00JT492 N Wireless,CMB,IN,18260 Vpro

00JT499 N Wireless,ANT,IN,WiGig RFEM

00JT530 N Wireless,CMB,IN,8260 MP Vpro

00JT531 N Wireless,CMB,IN,8260MPVP IND

00JT532 N Wireless,CMB,IN,8260 MP NV

00JT533 N Wireless,CMB,IN,8260MPNV IND

00JT542 N Wireless,CMB,SIE,EM7455

00JT547 N Wireless,CMB,SIE,EM7455 Yoga

01AX717 N Wireless,CMB,HW,ME906S